East Nairnshire Community Organisation


Registered as Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation

Our Latest Newsletter - December 2020 Tom nan Clach Proposed Extension Please find information, from the Tom nan Clach developers, regarding their proposed extension to the existing wind farm at this link. This is at public consultation stage and there are details of two "in person" exhibitions coming up in Tomatin and Carrbridge as well as the information on their website. If approved, it will mean further community benefit funds coming to East Nairnshire. Any comments regarding the application whether in support or against should be directed to Community Council and NOT ENCOMM. Their email address is encc19@gmail.com which will reach Alison Cook, Chairperson INVESTMENT Following a virtual meeting attended by our Chair and Treasurer with Officers of Foundation Scotland and fund managers from EQ Investments the Trustees have decided to place a further £105,000 into this Investment taking our monies placed there to £250,000 with the return from an additional £15,000 of matched funding. WIND FARMS We are now aware of the following sites which may engage with ENCOMM over community benefit in the future: 1. Cairn Duhie: on the A939, south of Ferness. They are about to go to planning. Community Council engaged with their scoping exercise and it is understood that they look to use benefit in kind measures to satisfy their responsibilities under the provisions of community benefit. At present they are exploring a cheap electricity option for residents. They do not give out a pot of cash. 2. Berryburn Extension: to the east of the existing turbines. This is at planning, which will give a further pot of funding, controlled by a community committee within the corporate umbrella. 3. Clash Gour: on the A940 this side of the existing Berryburn Wind Farm and running along the Moray boundary. They are at planning and have offered an option to look into part ownership alongside their community benefit (unspecified). As Trustees we are minded to sign a Memo of Understanding which keeps us informed but does not commit to anything. This is something your Chair is about to explore further. 4. Ourack on the Moor to the south of Dava township. This is at scoping stage. Their community benefit is unspecified. 5. Lethen /Fred Olsen uphill to the west of the B9007 junction with the Lochindorb minor road. This is just starting its scoping process. They do seem to pay monies and the Chair will work via Community Council to ensure they know of our existence. …and each is being proposed by a different company…