East Nairnshire Community Organisation


Registered as Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation

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News Update - November 2020 We are pleased to confirm receipt of the final tranche of funding from Nanclach Ltd bringing the total received to the agreed £340,000. Foundation Scotland (FS) have invested and ring fenced, a further £15,000.00 of their funds on our behalf. Any income from this and the amount of any capital uplift over the initial investment will benefit our fund and may be withdrawn and used for our Community’s benefit. The original capital sum remains with FS. From December 1st, FS will be migrating the funds it holds on behalf of communities like ours across Scotland to eqinvestors (eqinvestors.co.uk) whose investing policy comes with a very strong ethical and socially responsible background. Our initial investment of £145,000.00 through FS will migrate to the new fund managers and your Trustees will be discussing our 2021 budget and investment options at our next meeting. News Update - October 2020 We have recently received £85,000.00 from Nanclach Ltd, bringing the total payments from the Tom nan Clach wind farm to £255,000.00. A final sum of £85,000.00 is due by November 30th. We have so far invested £145,000.00 for long term growth through Foundation Scotland, whose website, www.foundationscotland.org.uk gives detailed information on all aspects of community funding in Scotland. We have set a financial year end at 30 November 2020 and appointed Messrs Ritson Young, Nairn as auditors. We are working on holding an AGM via email and the website towards the end of January 2021 as we doubt we shall be able to meet together. If you have not already done so please register as a member via the link on the home page as this is the only way in which you will be able to participate and allow your voice to be heard.